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San Sites was born when I exchanged the city lights of Cape Town for rural bliss at Ruiterbos, on the R328 between Mossel Bay and Oudtshoorn.

After 20 years of developing and maintaining computer systems - including large complex commercial internet systems - starting a web solutions business was the appropriate next step. This extensive computer and commercial experience underpins the service I offer: reliable, versatile, innovative.

The first San web site was built in 2005, and many a site has been created since - see the portfolio.

I delight in the combination of IT complexities matched with the graphic and artistic expression needed to design the look of a web site.


       Logo story

Philosophical analysis found that the first web sites were those painted on rocks by the original inhabitants of the land - in this area, the San.

These people proclaimed their beliefs and products to the whole world with their rock art sites. To us it may seem that these rock sites did not reach very far, but remember that in those days the earth was still flat, and reaching the whole world with your site was a matter of course.

To them bandwidth meant how long their sites lasted without fading. To this end much competition was encoded in the secret mixes of different carrying media for the basic pigments like ochres, charcoal, and raptor poo. Marketing impact was hugely increased with the addition of special ingredients, like Elands blood to red ochre.

Of course, only highly skilled artists could create these sites, and often they were in a trance state when doing so.

At San Sites we build forth on the proud tradition of those that walked the land, painting rock sites before us.


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    showcasing some local artists.

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