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The crucial question of "What will a web site cost me?" is a bit like asking "What will a car cost me?"

It depends on what you want to achieve with your web site, combined with your budget for the purpose.

Each development brings it's own complexities and will require individual costing. Discussing it with me and getting a quote costs nothing. Please contact me - either at the email address or the phone number in the sidebar on the right.


      What needs to be paid for?
  • Once off: site development cost
  • Annual: payment for Domain registration.
  • Monthly: hosting fees
  • As required: maintenance charges
       Development of static web sites

These are some of the factors that influence the development cost of a static site:

  • Number of pages
  • Graphic requirements: are there existing material to base the design on? Is the site graphic intensive?
  • Photos: numbers, quality and availability. Photos have to be prepared and optimised for web use.
  • Copy writing: Is the copy for the site existing or does it have to be created?
  • Extra features, like pop-ups, forms, scripts for special functionality.


       Development of Content management sites


Content managed sites by their nature comes in a large number of guises; please request a quote for any specific site type.

These factors would influence the development cost :

  • Type of site (business / blog / commerce / catalog / magazine etc)
  • Custom theme design (the look and feel of the site)
  • Construction of initial site content, if required
  • Extra features, like pop-ups, forms, scripts for special functionality.
  • The degree of ongoing site administration done by the web agency.


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